Anthony G., Catering Manager


In response to COVID-19, the culinary team has been sheltering-in-place since March 2020. While employees have continued to receive full pay and benefits, our managers have had to get creative in finding ways to continue building employees’ knowledge, skillsets and keeping staff engaged while quarantining at home.

Catering Manager, Anthony G., from our Menlo Park campus immediately rose to the challenge and started shifting his ways of leading his team – to virtually, instead of in-person.

From sending out weekly newsletters that contain recipes, interesting food/chef/industry articles as well as a “Get to Know Your Co-Workers” section, to running a Facebook page for his team as a source of information and comradery, he has gotten creative in various types of communication and team building activities.

Anthony has also been holding weekly Zoom meetings since the first week of the work from home order. He presents a platform for his team to communicate and interactive activities that involve cooking with one another.

At Flagship Culinary, we appreciate and recognize Anthony for taking the initiative to keep his team informed, engaged and connected. Way to go!

Anthony G. Culinary Service Spotlight