Service Spotlights

Jonathan S. Culinary Service Spotlight

Jonathan S.
Sous Chef

Great teacher, gifted chef, and positive leader are just a few of the names used to describe Chef Jonathan.

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Neil M. Culinary Service Spotlight

Neil M.
Operations Manager

Since joining Flagship Culinary Services in 2019, Neil has helped improve the team’s efficiency, communication, and growth.

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Brian S. Culinary Service Spotlight

Brian S.
Food Safety Manager

Brian has been a valuable part of the Flagship family since 2016, serving in various roles and helping to mold the culinary team in Seattle.

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Mimi F. Culinary Service Spotlight

Mimi F.

Mimi F. has been a valuable member of Flagship HR since the start of 2019 and has contributed immensely to the advancement of her team.

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Kendall S. Culinary Service Spotlight

Kendall S.
Jr. Sous Chef

Kendall started with Flagship in January of 2019 as a Line Cook. Her enthusiasm and solution minded attitude made her a great candidate for growth.

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Anthony G. Culinary Service Spotlight

Anthony G.
Catering Manager

It takes a great leader to engage employees. However, with COVID-19 shuttering facilities and managers needing to shift to virtual platforms, leaders must get creative to keep employees excited.

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Hope M. Culinary Service Spotlight

Hope M.
Pastry Chef

From creating cakes to making mousses to whipping up whip cream, Hope exemplifies what it means to be a strong team player.

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Gene D. Culinary Service Spotlight

Gene D.
Lead Line Cook

Flagship Culinary Services benefits and Monday – Friday schedule have given Gene the work/life balance he’d been searching for.

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Karla P. Culinary Service Spotlight

Karla P.
Line Cook

Working on our catering team, Karla is responsible for preparing beautiful platters decorated with her masterful, hand carved fruit and vegetable designs.

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Derrick G. Culinary Service Spotlight

Derrick G.
Dish Machine Operator

Derrick's outgoing personality ability to keep calm, and stay organized in the fast pace of the dish pit has proven himself to be a huge asset to his team.

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Christian P. Culinary Service Spotlight

Christian P.
Front of House Manager

Leading by example and always putting the customer experience first, Christian’s road to success is one that doesn’t end here.

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Shanderie L. Culinary Service Spotlight

Shanderie L.
Front of House

Shanderie lights up a room with her big smile and bubbly personality. Her passion for the hospitality industry led her to Flagship Culinary Services.

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David D. Culinary Service Spotlight

David D.
Line Cook

David’s strong work ethic, devotion to teamwork and passion has propelled him on a journey of many successes in his culinary career with Flagship.

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Vivienne H. Culinary Service Spotlight

Vivienne H.
Front of House Lead

Whether Vivienne is helping guests by serving ice cream or pastries, or helping her team with cleaning, or refilling toppings and supplies, she is always productive and works with a sense of urgency

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Ever R. Culinary Service Spotlight

Ever R.
Prep Cook

Having been with Flagship Culinary Services for just a few months, Ever is already on his way to achieving his goal of advancing to Line Cook.

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Prethish B. Culinary Service Spotlight

Prethish B.
Specialty Cook

Prethish is a great culinary employee to have on my team. He stays late and comes in early whenever needed. He takes on more responsibility than required.

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Laura P. Culinary Service Spotlight

Laura P.
Front of House

Laura is a shining example of customer service. Always happy to help her guests and team members, her communication, motivation and positive attitude are contagious.

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Tam S. Culinary Service Spotlight

Tam S.
Sr. Sous Chef

With an overall focus on serving good food and having fun while doing it, Chef Tam’s journey with Flagship proves that hard work and the right attitude pay off!

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Reginald F. Culinary Service Spotlight

Reginald F.
Dish Machine Operator

Reginald "Reggie" F. has worked with Flagship for two years and is well-known by many because of contagious spirit and high level of customer service.

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