Karla P., Line Cook

In her six years with Flagship Culinary Services, Karla’s hard work has been recognized through promotion to Line Cook and as an Employee of the Month recipient. Working on our catering team, she is responsible for preparing beautiful platters decorated with her masterful, hand carved fruit and vegetable designs. Karla’s role is vital to the success of the catering department and her team recognizes her for always being reliable and for taking opportunities to learn new things for advancing herself and ensuring we provide our event guests with the best experience. We are proud to have Karla on our team!


Video Transcript

My name is Karla Peralta and I work at Flagship for six years as a Line Cook and I love my job. Every morning I’m so excited to come to work. I start my day at six o’clock in the morning, getting all my equipment’s that I need for the table and I begin with taking all the fruit out. Put all my decoration and then start our cutting to make it look pretty.
We really rely on Karla to make sure that the events that she’s responsible for are completed on time and correct. It’s vital for our success that we have someone on our team that is as responsible and reliable as she is. It really allows the rest of the team to be able to focus on what they need to do in order to be successful.

I was so excited and very happy when the chef talked to me and he say he wanted to make me a line cook. I know they see the potential on each person and then they promote you they do you grow. Once I was nominated for employee of the month. You’re called for employee of the month out of many employees that we have. They choose you. It make you like work harder to became better. When I see something new that I wanted to try here is the opportunity so I can do all of that things.

Creating platters, fruit vegetables, I can do like my own designs, I can do like my own things. We can do a lot of things a lot of designs with all the vegetables we have here. As long as that looks beautiful and the customer liked it we are happy. Every time we do something we try to do the best, my chef look good, I look good, and its represented.