Christian P., Front of House Manager

We’re proud to spotlight Christian Plaza, Front of House Manager in New York. After 5 years with Flagship Culinary Services, Christian is shining example of the growth opportunities within. Leading by example and always putting the customer experience first, Christian’s road to success is one that doesn’t end here.


Video Transcript

My name is Christian Jao Plaza. I’ve worked for Flagship for almost five years. I originally started as a Front of House Attendant. I worked my way up and now I’m the Front of House Manager of New York.

We’re the last line of defense for the Back of House. Whatever Back of House is bringing from the kitchen we’re here to making sure that everyone is safe, eating safe, and working safe. But one of the bigger pictures for Front of House is providing a customer experience. You know learning the menus so they can provide suggestions, and they can learn those ingredients, those flavors and then make a pitch that to customers to get the engagement.

I kind of use my story as a way to promote growth within Flagship this is what you have to do to grow here and if you could stay on this path then you can be in my position. You can take my seat. We all grew up together in the company we all started in the same place and for the most part all the managers that are here now all started as Line Cooks and Prep Cooks.

Flagship has been great to me since I’ve started. They care for their employees we have Employee Appreciation Day, we have employee outings, just show their appreciation for all the hard work that we do. And they want us to grow and they give us the blueprint to grow. It’s really just up to us to take that blueprint and run with it.