Shanderie L., Front of House


Shanderie “Dee” Lee lights up a room with her big smile and bubbly personality. Her passion for the hospitality industry led her to her current role at Flagship Culinary Services, where she feels the sky is the limit for her career. Having patience and the ability to stay cool, calm and collected no matter the situation are a few reasons Dee’s colleagues look to her as a leader. The sense of family she feels at Flagship enables her to relate well to managers, customers and coworkers. We are proud to have Dee on our team and appreciate the positive energy she brings to the job.


Video Transcript

So my name is actually Shandreis Lee but everybody calls me Dee. My position here at Flagship is Front of the House. I’ve been working for Flagship since November of 2017.

As a Front of the House role you come in and you basically have to set up and break down the café’s in between service. So we’re usually like the first people that’s here in the morning. So that consist of you coming in checking the milks turning on well just getting a day started. Working here is showing a lot of patience. The hospitality is one of the industries where you got to have tough skin and being here I’m just run into your obstacles. I just learned to just be patient just try just wait a minute take a deep breath. But you have to get used to like all the different personalities and now I feel like it’s my second year it’s like home. Its like family. I’m a real easygoing person, so at the end of day I feel like me being here, I help a lot of my other staff when they’re not having a good day. I’m the cool one I’m the calm collective one.

Dee is one of those people that she just gets it. She’s very engaged with this big personality that just lights a room up. She leads by example and people just generally naturally kind of follow her and we can really go to her for advice, direction, to get the job done she’s there for everybody.

In corporate dining I think you need to know how to take accountability. Things will constantly go wrong, constantly and it’s like you just have to be able to say, I made a mistake I’m gonna fix it, and tomorrow we’re gonna execute it.

She knows how to speak to her team, she knows how to speak to managers, and she knows how to speak to the customers, and just her leadership quality it kind of translates to the rest of the team and they get the same motivation that she has every time she walks in through these doors.

I went to school for hospitality so for me it’s all about being able to just grow, as much as possible wherever in any department as long as I’m in the actual hospitality industry. The skys the limit for me right now.