Mimi F., HR


Our team’s commitment is what allows us to give such great service, and Mimi Ann Farzande is no exception. She has been a valuable member of Flagship HR since the start of 2019 and has contributed immensely to the advancement of her team.

In the three-plus years that she has been with us, Mimi has been overseeing all things HR-related for multiple cafes at Menlo Park.

Mimi has always been a great supporter of her team. She has worked closely with Operations to train several employees at our Meta client location in Menlo Park on leadership skills, and has earned the highest respect amongst her peers. She has guided many of them through disciplinary actions, coaching, and has provided numerous soft skill development opportunities to continue pushing her team and co-workers forward in their leadership development. What’s more, she does all of this with a great attitude, empathy, and professionalism.

 Recently, Mimi was part of an in-depth training program for newly hired managers where she provided great knowledge and insight. She is also a founding member of our Pride at Flagship Employee Resource Group. We appreciate Ms. Farzande for the immense support, guidance, and growth that she provides her teams and all members of the Flagship Family that she encounters.

Mimi F. Culinary Service Spotlight