Derrick G., Dish Machine Operator

Derrick Grant’s story teaches us that hard work and a positive attitude pay off! After just three months with Flagship Culinary Services, his outgoing personality and ability to keep calm and stay organized in the fast pace of the dish pit has already proven to be a huge asset to his team. His willingness to work any station and take on tasks with enthusiasm and appreciation for the job are just a few more reasons we are proud to spotlight Derrick for always going above and beyond!


Video Transcript

My name is Derek Grant I’ve been with Flagship for three months. My position is at am DMO am Dish Machine operator the number one thing is to keep calm because if you panic you’re all over the place. I separate everything if bowls are coming, I separate bowls, I separate utensils, because it does get busy especially around lunchtime it’s nonstop, non-top, so you really have to just have a system.

Derek is an extremely outgoing positive individual he’s open to working any station, at any time, just does everything with just true enthusiasm. There’s jobs that I had in the past that I wasn’t happy with that I dreaded coming to, and working with Flagship even if I’m tired or whatever I make sure I’m not late. It’s just the environment is it’s awesome.

I hardly see anybody with a negative attitude, people are always uplifting. Managers are always willing to teach me new things. My plan is to stay with the company for as long as I can, I don’t plan on going anywhere. I definitely want to move up in the company, maybe I can move up to prepping and being a chef.

I would consider highly for anybody to apply to Flagship. I think that they would really enjoy working here. I’m not gonna lie what makes me stay so positive is because the choices that I made in the past weren’t good and the jobs that I had weren’t as good as this. I’m glad I’ve grown and I really appreciate being here and more positive every day.