Hope M., Pastry Chef

Hope is the type of employee companies hope for! As a Pastry Chef in New York, her uplifting personality combined with her experience and strong pastry technique position her as the glue of her department. From creating cakes to making mousses to whipping up whip cream, she exemplifies what it means to be a strong team player. We are proud to have Hope as part of the Flagship family!


Video Transcript

My name is Hope Marrero. I am a pastry cook here at Flagship. I’ve been working here for almost two years now I started in the beginning of January of 2018.

When I get into the morning, I see what needs to be done first, if I need to do the mousses, if I need to make the whipped creams, building the cakes, and after I go ahead and start prepping for the next day, for the next week.

Well Hope is a generally cheerful person she brings a lot to the table. She has a very uplifting personality, she likes to joke around but when his time actually it’s down to crunch time she actually gets serious and gets things done.

She’s very knowledgeable, a strong technique, she does everything with alacrity that’s asked of her. True team player is there for everyone and is a good ear. I think she’s the glue that holds that department together.

I’ve stayed with Flagship because it’s a wonderful company we work with. I’ve worked in restaurants, and bakeries, and hotels they don’t offer you anything like what Flagship offers you. PTO, benefits, work/life balance that I have. Before I would never spend time with my family.

The Flagship team here, it’s an amazing team. One because we’re all so diverse. We learn so many different things and techniques starting up with chefs and cooks, even the HR. This company is always worrying about the cooks and having a feature and building for them and this team here is so special cause we’re literally like family. And we all work to offer each other and better ourselves.