Gene D., Lead Line Cook

We would like to shine a spotlight on Gene Dacula, a Lead Line Cook in New York. Gene came to Flagship Culinary Services after working in restaurants for a number of years. Flagship’s benefits and Monday – Friday schedule have given Gene the work/life balance he’d been searching for. Whether he is cracking a joke or focusing on his tasks on the line, Gene shines each day by inspiring those around him and bringing out the best in his team members.


Video Transcript

My name is Gene Dacula, I’m a lead line cook. I’ve been working for Flagship for about, a little bit more than two years. Coming from restaurants you know how crazy the lifestyle is. It’s kind of hard having a steady consistent schedule as well as having the lack of benefits. But Flagship itself has the complete opposite, where you could have a Monday through Friday job, have benefits and you’re really taken care of by the company. Having the work/life balance and all that stuff has sounded so like surreal.

The most fun part about working for Flagship would probably be the people that I’m surrounded by. We all come together and have like team meetings, where we all discuss how things should be prepared, and brainstorm, and how would be the best approach.

Gene is one of those rare people that has the ability to inspire. He really brings out the best in his team members. People, he truly embody as the Flagship values, development, respect, patience, and caring, and just empathization for each other, and other people.

There are periods where it gets very chaotic. I have a couple of methods lighten up the mood, talk to my team, crack a little joke, kind of raise morale a little bit. I have this other method where I just really focus in and just get the job done and leave no room for any distractions. The energy that everyone gives off as well as having good core values. We all respect each other you all like care about each other that really makes it actually great.