Conservation & Caring From Coast to Coast


Earlier this year, our culinary team in California began a partnership with a food donation organization in the Bay Area. As we near the end of 2019, we are proud to report that we have donated over 107,432 meals, exceeding our original goal of donating 100,000 meals by yearend.Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce that our culinary team in Boston started a food donation program in November, partnering with Lovin’ Spoonfuls, a Massachusetts-based organization dedicated to distributing healthy, fresh food to community organizations who need it most. In just one month, they donated over 640 meals.

What’s even better is that the total amount of meals we have donated in 2019 translates into 129,694 pounds of food that was diverted from landfills!!

It feels great knowing that our food donations are not only help families in need but helping the environment too.


Meals Donated


Pounds of Food Diverted from Landfills

We look forward to expanding our contributions for the new year.

Boston Culinary Chefs and Loving Spoonfuls