Flagship Culinary Services


Flagship Culinary Services division helps some of the world’s largest high tech companies provide high quality dining experiences for their employees and visitors. Our highly qualified staff support our customer’s in-house Head Chef in preparing tasty and nutritious food, made from scratch, with a strong emphasis on local and organically‐grown ingredients.

Video Transcript

Flagship at the culinary division, is a provider of culinary services so we are the people that provide the food and we employ over 1200 employees at this current time from dishwashers, to line cooks, to prep cooks we have sous chefs in our organization we do all organic food everything is made in-house we’re constantly enhancing the experience rather than waiting for people to tell us what to do how can we do things better it’s all about bringing what you can do to the table and taking care of business it’s all about the guest experience every day is something different we take on challenges that most companies wouldn’t even try to take on.

The culture here is ever-changing however it’s based on bringing your best every day when you don’t have a strong culture of guest service and of being the best you can be you lose your momentum we have openings constantly around the country. My job is to consistently manufacture the next experience so we’ve got to figure out how we’re gonna take care of those employees the best we can take care of them.

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