Invest In Our Future – How Flagship Is Answering the Call


On Friday, April 22, 2022, over a billion people around the globe celebrated Earth Day and hundreds gathered to discuss effective and sustainable methods to help protect the future of our planet. This year’s theme for Earth Day was “Invest in Our Future.” First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day has been used as a call to action to assess our responsibility to planet Earth; how our actions impact biodiversity, and the overall influence we have over the quality of the environment which we inhabit.

This year’s theme, presented by, challenges companies and individuals around the world to take bold steps toward sustainability efforts and innovation. This call to action resonates with Flagship’s core values, and our current efforts to switch to more sustainable operation methods and innovation in how we conduct our business.

When people search for work in this environment, they’re seeking more than just a paycheck. They are often looking to be a part of a company that is conscious of the real problems faced by communities. Instead of “culinary jobs near me,” job seekers are searching for places where their efforts go beyond what they see daily and instead have an impact on the future.

Flagship Culinary Services is helping passionate cooks develop culinary experiences that are memorable while simultaneously combating food waste and hunger with our food rescue programs, and our switch to more sustainable operations and food distribution methods.

Food waste in America has become a major problem at every level of the food experience for production, distribution, and consumption, with about 30-40 % of the overall food produced in the country going to waste.

We answered the call in 2019 to invest in the future by creating a national food rescue program in partnership with one of our key clients. To date, over 90% of our food locations and service centers participate in these programs. To date, we have donated over 400,000 tons of food to the 10% of American families who experience food shortages every year. The program has the commitment of our culinary teams at every level, from our food preps to our chefs and pastry chefs. For some, it has become a passion project.

Our efforts help reduce pollutants and greenhouse gasses that affect our planet, but most importantly our program helps feed families.

Our bold efforts are contributing to the solution, and we look forward to investing more into the future of our communities and planet.