Staying Connected While Being Apart


Given the current circumstances in the world, it’s becoming increasingly important that we continue to find ways to connect – albeit from afar – and stay connected. This goes not only for close family and friends, but for coworkers and employees too.

Most of us spend more time a week with our work family than we do our actual family, and so keeping the lines of communication going with those who we lead and mentor or work alongside should not be pushed to the back burner.

Adam Weiner, our Director of Training and Development, wrote an article for CAFE (Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education), where he shared tips and suggestions for culinary instructors to care for themselves and students during a crisis.

Taking inspiration from his article, here are some ideas for how we can take care of ourselves and our employees or coworkers during these uncertain times:

  • Call five people per day and check in on them. One of the interesting things you may notice, this will not only make them feel better, but it might make you feel more cheerful and useful as well.
  • Stay away from the doom and gloom. It is important to stay informed, but don’t binge on COVID-19 news.
  • Do something fun or silly or entertaining you wouldn’t normally do. Watch an old comedy, make a TickTok video, read a good book, binge watch Tiger King on Nextfilx … the options are endless!
  • Test out a new recipe and cook something you haven’t made before. If it comes out great, that is wonderful. If it doesn’t come out great, who cares? It will be fun and different. There are quite a few apps that you can download that allow you to input a variety of items you have on hand and it will generate a number of recipes based on your home ingredients. You can come up with many new things.
  • Keep getting exercise. Try out one or many guided home workouts available online. Get in a walk outside too, if you are able. The vitamin D you get from the sun can do wonders for you.
  • Do something nice for others. Send your employees greeting cards, make food for your neighbor, support your local restaurants, find out ways you can get involved in supporting those in need from the safety of your home.
  • Do something nice for yourself. Don’t overspend or binge but go online and get something you want. You deserve a treat.
  • Find ways to stay connected. Schedule a weekly call or video chat. Start a new group chat via text or social media. Try out a Virtual Happy Hour. Whatever you do, don’t social distance – it’s physical distancing we need to be doing.
  • Invite others to join you in a group challenge! Maybe it’s a push up contest each day or hitting water goals. Maybe you kickstart a new book club or have everyone watch the same TV series and discuss. You can even spice it up a little and host a cooking competition – best looking dish and presentation wins!
  • Listen to others and empathise. We’re all navigating uncharted waters with this pandemic, but circumstances might be extra difficult for some. Keep an ear out for those who may need someone to vent or talk to. Even if you don’t feel you have something helpful to say, giving people an ear to listen goes a long way, especially during times like these.