Success Through Employee Appreciation


Over the last 13 years, Flagship has cultivated a great working relationship with JobTrain – an organization that transforms lives and communities. By providing training and support, JobTrain helps those in need reclaim themselves from poverty and unemployment and prepares them for successful, sustainable careers in high-demand and emerging fields.

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Throughout the relationship, Flagship has proudly employed close to 100 JobTrain graduates, many who are still working with Flagship today. And all, who have been promoted time and time again.

This week was the 2020 BRIDGE Awards hosted by JobTrain, which recognizes businesses who are like-minded in their conviction to offer equal employment opportunities and economic stability to all. Flagship was a finalist in the Home Grown Award category alongside eight other impressive companies, and Flagship went home a winner!

As the proud recipient of the Home Grown Award, Flagship was recognized for the many efforts and initiatives that are taken to hire and promote dedicated employees from within.

For Example

  1. Chef Michael was hired as a dishwasher. Through mentoring, training, and developing he moved to prep cook, line cook, and is now Flagship’s most senior Sous Chef, responsible for the breakfast and lunch operations at one of the busiest corporate cafes in the world. More importantly, over the years Chef Michael has mentored and trained countless others so they too can grow and succeed.
  2. Chef Kim started at Flagship wiping tables. She was cheered on at Flagship, and through hard work and study she moved up the kitchen ladder. She impressed everyone so much that she was hired by a corporate client directly and is now a key Chef is overseeing the extremely large and rapid expansion of the culinary program in Fremont, CA.

These examples are just a two of the many successes at Flagship Culinary Services. Some people may get overlooked or feel unappreciated at other companies. Not here. Flagship has been so successful at this that we have lost track of the success stories.

But the numbers aren’t the story. The reality that lies within the story is job security with a great chance for promotion and sustainable wages. They have been a cornerstone of Flagship’s operations since day one. It helps provide better lives for our culinary staff and their families and equips Flagship with experienced, loyal, and high-quality employees at all levels.

We want to thank JobTrain for working with us all these years and recognizing the pride Flagship has for all our employees, at every level.

And to everyone involved with the BRIDGE Awards, thank you for this amazing recognition!

2020 BRIDGE Home Grown Award
Flagship Accepts BRIDGE Home Grown Award