Women’s Equality Day- Equality Strengthens

National Women's Equality Day

“Happy Women’s Equality Day!” Many people who celebrated the importance of August 26th on Friday perhaps received blank stares of confusion, and replies along the lines of “what is that?” or “oh, it’s today?”

For many Americans, the day would have come and gone without a thought. We live in busy times and if history is not revisited, it is often forgotten.

Women’s Equality Day was the brainchild of Rep. Bella Abzug, originally proposed in 1971. After the collaborative effort of women across the nation, two years later August 26th was decided upon to commemorate the signing of the 19th Amendment. The Amendment, signed in 1920, granted female American citizens the right to vote in an election.

Women receiving the right to vote has amplified their voice and influence for decades, allowing them to truly create a world where their rights are not just considered, but prioritized as equally valid and important.

Businesses, communities, and families across our country have benefited from women gaining more autonomy. Today, 57.4% of American women participate in the workforce. Women make up 28% of our Congress and own 42% of all companies in the United States. 

We highlight the importance of August 26 because it is history that should not be forgotten, we highlight it because we continue to benefit from these historical moments.