You’ve Got a Friend in Flagship


Flagship is dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, non-discriminatory workplace for all employees. As part of this, since 2015 the Culinary Services division has fostered a great working relationship with Best Buddies to employ and support the inclusion of differently-abled individuals, and to celebrate each person as a unique individual.But the partnership is more than just a working relationship. Each year, Flagship also participates in local Best Buddies events to help raise money and awareness and further support their mission. Staff members want to be there for their Buddies and past and present members of our Flagship family. As a result, this year, Flagship was honored to receive the Outstanding Employer Award from the Best Buddies’ Bay Area Chapter in recognition of our partnership and support.

“Every year we give this award to an employer partner that plays an integral part in spreading our mission through providing opportunities for friendships, jobs, leadership development and inclusive living,” said Chanel Brisbane, Program Supervisor, Best Buddies Jobs San Francisco. “Since Flagship’s involvement with our organization in 2015, the team has the largest number of participants any local employer has hired – and these positions have been full time with benefits! Truly incredible.”

While the focus of the Flagship and Best Buddies partnership has been centered around our Client locations in the Bay Area, the success we’ve seen and pride we feel in doing our part to support a great cause has led to an expansion of our partnership across the United States.

Kicking off 2020 we are looking forward to begin working with Best Buddies chapters in Seattle, Boston and New York!

Best Buddies Social Media Message
A message from one of our Buddies
Best Buddies Outstanding Employer Award
Culinary team members and our buddy, Megan S., proudly displaying our Outstanding Employer Award!
Flagship Team 2019 Friendship Walk
Flagship Team at the 2019 Annual Friendship Walk
Chef Jondo 2019 Best Budies Cycle Challenge
Chef Jondo at the Best Buddies 2019 Cycle Challenge